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Ready to Call Some Place Home? Start at the Stratford!

Tired of searching apartment complexes and worried that you may not find a place that has everything that meets your needs? It’s time to check out what the Stratford Apartments have to offer. Come call one of our apartments home—

All the comforts of home in a modern setting!

  • Fitness Facility
  • Spacious Closets
  • Oversized Windows
  • Eat-in Kitchens
  • Washer and Dryer Connections
  • Fireplaces*
  • Garages Available



*Only available in 1160 sq ft units.

Contact us today to help you find your new home 308-627-2343

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Looking for Labor Day Weekend Events in Kearney? Let us help!

Spend your Labor Day Weekend out at Fort Kearny with living history demonstrations, cannon firings at 2 p.m. all three days, followed by humanities speaker Paul Siebert on Sunday!

live demo
Start on : September 2, 2017 9:00 AM Saturday
End on : September 4, 2017 5:00 PM Monday

Fort Kearny State Historical Park
Kearney, NE 68847

Click here for more info!

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Parents! Tips to ensure the safety of your child when they are home alone after school

Parents! Are you worried about the safety of your child when they are home alone after school? Here are some tips to ensure they’re safety and give you peace of mind while you’re at work.
First, have them call once they have gotten home and locked the door behind them. Have them create a schedule so they aren’t just sitting at home watching television until you get there. Teach your child these points of contact and what to do in emergency situations:
  • how to dial 911
  • your address and phone number
  • the name, location, and phone number where your mom or dad works
  • the name, phone number, and address of a trusted neighbor
  • the name, phone number, and address of another emergency contact person, such as a grandparent or family friend
Arming your kid with this information will keep them safe and give you peace of mind.

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Have Your Kids meet a NASA Astronaut – Today at Kearney Area Children’s Museum!

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 5.17.44 PM

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August 17, 2017 · 9:19 am

Tip for Crushing this New School Year

back to school

School is officially back in sessions! Parents are teary-eyed with their little ones starting school and parents of teens are relieved. Here are some tips to getting your kids back into the swing of the school year after a hectic and hot summer.

1. Ease back into a healthy bedtime routine


2. Keep a family calendar



Good luck to you and your kiddos this school year from The Stratford NE!

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How to SAFELY experience the upcoming Solar Eclipse

On August 21st, we will get the chance to experience a solar eclipse! However AMAZING this may be, it is important to be safe while trying to partake in the moment. Below is a video from Space.com on how to keep your and your children’s eyes protected —


solar eclipse

The path of totality for the Aug. 21, 2017, total solar eclipse is about 70 miles wide and stretches from Oregon to South Carolina. It passes through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

You can use this interactive map from NASA to zoom in on the path and find out the exact locations from which it will be visible.

You can also check out our state-by-state guide to find out which major cities and prime locations will fall inside the path of totality. You may also want to attend one of the many eclipse parties and organized events taking place around the path of totality.


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What to do After a Break-in

Break-ins are scary, but you should know the proper precautions if one happens to you. Below are some steps that are extremely helpful and necessary if you come home and realize someone else has been in your residence—


Call the police and file a report.

Are you thinking, “Should I turn to the police?” The answer is yes, and it is the first thing you should do. Calling the police and filing a report puts the incident on record, which is necessary for both insurance claims and if you ever want to potentially find the thief(s) and retrieve your belongings.

Also do not touch anything in your home before the police arrive, as you may destroy key evidence the police need for finding and potentially prosecuting the burglar(s).

When the police arrive, make a complete list of all items that have been taken, including a thorough description and the approximate value of each.

Call the insurance company.

Whether you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, if you file a claim, there is a chance that you could recoup a decent amount for what was stolen. Call within 24 hours and make sure you have submitted all necessary information to the police, as the insurance company will need that information to process your claim.

View video footage of the break-in before cleaning up.

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