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How to take on a Minimalist Lifestyle in Your Apartment

Minimalist [min-uh-muh-list] – a person who favors a moderate approach to the achievement of a set of goals or who holdsminimal expectations for the success of a program.

When it comes to living in an apartment, it is important to avoid cluttering to feel like you aren’t being suffocated in your own home. If you feel like Spring-cleaning didn’t do enough to cleanse your space – think about taking up minimalism! Here are three tips for minimalism – 


Inventory Everything

The rule of thumb is to keep what you use daily and monthly, but toss things that you haven’t touch in nearly 12 months. We all have things in our closet that we say we’re going to wear, but never do. Toss it! Once you start donating items that you no longer use, it’ll feel like a weight has been lifted.

Keep Multipurpose Items

A key to feeling like you’re not losing everything when decluttering, is keeping things that are multipurpose. If you can eliminate some items that basically do the same thing – why not?!

Don’t Go Overboard

Do decluttering in cycles so you don’t get overwhelmed. Every two weeks find a handful of things you can get rid of. Minimalism shoots for about 100 items or less. Baby steps!

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How to Utilize Space In Your Small Kitchen!

When it comes to apartment living, sometimes you compromise with the kitchen area. Storage is always a pain, there is never enough room for everything you need. But thankfully, with these kitchen storage hacks, you’ll no longer have to pull your hair out trying to rearrange the pots and pans.

  1. tiny kitchenUse the inside of your cabinets to store measuring cups
  2. Create a pegboard for pots/pans/various kitchen tools
  3. Use a magnetic strip for knives
  4. Out of cabinets? Create shelves on open wall space
  5. Use magnets to hold spices on refrigerator
  6. You can even use magnets for baskets on the sides of your refrigerator!
  7. Hang pots and pans from the ceiling
  8. Kitchen cart for extra storage

For more tiny kitchen hacks check out Buzzfeed’s list!

And another DIY site here!

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