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Check out these Amenities that Drive Up Rent

While you’re apartment hunting it is important to know that there are key factors that may raise the price of your monthly rent. Here the scoop—

1. Living near an interstate

If living near the interstate or a highway is important to you, then the added cost of having an apartment a mile or so away from one may drive the cost of your rent up.

2. Elevator

The convenience of having an elevator in your building can still be pretty costly. On average, Priceonomics estimates that an elevator will add $120 to your monthly rent.

3. Fitness center

Priceonomics’ study shows that people pay an average of $90 a month for a fitness center, so if working out in your own building isn’t all that important to you, consider spending your money elsewhere.

4. Laundry in building


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How to Sublease Your Apartment

Taking a trip? Want to move but don’t want to break your lease? We have compiled some tips to help guide you while subletting your apartment —

Get your landlord’s permission

You don’t want to get caught subletting without permission. That could end in a lawsuit or you getting evicted. Make sure to tell your landlord and sign the appropriate paperwork to avoid any mishaps.

Find a trust-worthy leaser

Nothing is worse than getting someone to rent your place and not being able to rely on a payment or they completely destroy your place. Make sure you either know the person or they put down a deposit to keep you from losing yours when your lease is up.

Questions to ask a potential subletter:

  • Where are you employed and what is your monthly after-tax income?
  • Why are you seeking short-term housing?
  • How many people will be living the apartment? Any children? Any pets?
  • Do you plan on having any social events or guests staying at the apartment?

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