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How to Lower Electricity Bill During the Summer

Just because the temperature is rising outside doesn’t mean your electric bill has to! Here are some tips that we have scoured the internet for to help you save a little extra cash during these hot summer months—

  • Unplugging an appliance because certain appliances use energy even if they are turned off.
  • Consult with roommates or coworkers before unplugging a shared appliance.
  • Close blinds, storm windows, or shades during the day.
  • Most central air conditioners will also have internal fans to help circulate the air in your house while reducing your need to use the air conditioner. Turn the fan on “auto.”
  • Using fans at night will help a natural breeze cool down your house; this will only work if you live in an area that drops in temperature at night.
  • Turn a fan directly towards yourself or guests if the temperature is very hot.

We hope these tips keep your energy bill down while you’re trying to stay cool this summer!

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