Tips You Need Before Moving in With Your Partner

Moving in with your significant other can be exciting – and also really scary. Here are some tips to help maneuver through the transition and also keep your relationship healthy —

1. Ask the person moving in, “How can we make this space more yours?”

You want to make sure that it feels like a shared space and not one person has all of the say. That may make one of you feel as if you don’t belong in your own home.

2. Split the bills up accordingly.

Decide (before you move in) what you each are able to afford. Are one of you willing to pay a little more than the other person because you make more? These are things to figure out before signing the lease and/or getting cable when you might want to just go with WIFI for the smaller bill.

3. Figure out your schedules.

Know how to keep the house balanced. Whoever gets home first can tidy up or start dinner. If you want up first water the plants and feed the dog. Make sure that you are splitting whatever chores according to your schedules.

4. Have a housewarming.

Make this official! Have a housewarming party and let your friends and family join in on the celebration of you and your partner getting your own place and taking a HUGE step in your relationship. This also gets FREE food to your house if you do a potluck.

5. Give each other space

As much as you love each other, everyone needs some alone time. Carve out some times in the day or week to give each other some space – Distance makes the heart grow fonder!


Good luck and happy moving! Remember, EVERYONE gets stressed while moving, but the best part is – you’re getting to call this new space “home” with the person you love – or at least really like and would like to live with.

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