Tips to Make The Most Out of Living Alone

Whether you just moved out of your parents’ house, fresh out of a relationship – or even your college dorm room, living alone can be a little scary. Here are 5 tips to not only keep you safe but also help you enjoy your solitude —

  1. Grocery Shop for One:

Shopping and cooking for one may be new to you. Ditch the ramen and google some recipes for one or invest in a pinterest. You don’t want to waste money on groceries that will go bad because you can’t get to them in time.

2. Make It Your Own

This is the first time that you are really able to make a place your own, GO CRAZY! Spend an entire day at IKEA putting together your dream apartment. You want to make your house feel like home, not a motel room.

3. Keep It Tidy

You may not have anyone there to yell at you to clean up, but that doesn’t mean you should live in filth. Keeping a clean home helps you have a clear mind.

4. Look for Extra Security

One lock may not be enough, invest in a deadbolt or even a taser. It is important that you feel safe in your own home whether it’s coming or going or even just living! But that doesn’t mean that you should live in fear. Be confident and comfortable in your own space.

5. Remember, You’re Not Alone

Invest time getting to know your neighbors, having your friends over and GOING OUT! Don’t keep yourself cooped up without any interaction or you’ll go crazy! Show your place off, but remember not to bring a date over until you know its serious to keep yourself safe.


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